Ongoing Projects

Acume realises that each project we undertake is unique in terms of our clients' management values. Our framework bounded to a key role to provide service that enriches their existing system and processes at clients facility. Our approach is to build a strong business partnership with our clientèle that emphasizes the prime interest: 'Client Focused Customization'.

Ongoing Projects

Testing & Commissioning Works at 132/33KV SDMN SUBSTATION - ETIHAD WE SEIH DIBBA

Testing & Commissioning Works at 33/11KV SEBU, JULFAR, IDHEN Substation - ETIHAD WE

DEWA PO#3762200002 - Remaining Works of 33kV Switchgear Replacement Works at MUSHRIF 132/33kV Substation and 33kV Cable Diversion Works

Testing & Commissioning Works at 132/11kV substation at Warsan Village – WRSNVLG (Balance Works)

Installation, Testing & Commissioning works at 132/11kV TLALTNYA SS

Installation, Testing & Commissioning Works at BIDA BIN SAUD, AL OYA 33/11KV Package Unit