Solar Power

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Solar Power Substation Maintenance

Acume Electrical Engineering Services has started Renewable Energy business with interests in solar power plant installation, commissioning, testing and O&M services in UAE and GCC.

The company is relentless in pursuing a mission of promoting solar energy contributing to a cleaner, greener and safer environment for generations to come.

AEES is one of the UAE's downstream solar companies, specializing in the design, build and operation of high performance solar systems for domestic, businesses and utility-scale power generation.

The company is backed by the experts in different fields such as project development, project management and project implementation.


AEES's Expertise

Being a EPC leader AEES is constanlty developing and expanding the Renewable Energy business in USE and middle east engaging the potential investors & techno crats to their team. AEES's expertise includes development, execution and delivery of solar projects e.g) rooftop, ground mount and floating solar along with battery energy storage. We ensure our customers a successful projects completion from NTP to COD.

AEES's Project Methodology

AEES's I&C Capabilities

We design, engineer, install, commission & test large scale solar grid interactive power plant with our highly efficient and trained engineers and technicians.

We provide high quality PERC and Bifacial solar modules, latest technology based inverters and the BoP to our customers for getting high PR.


AEES's O&M Capabilities

PV installation lifetimes are expected to be 25 years or more, so safe and proper maintenance is an integral part of successful and reliable operation. AEES has its inherent capabilities to maximize return on investment (ROI) of the project and enhance the system production.

Our O&M activities

  • Increase efficiency & energy production (kWh/kWp) of the plant.
  • Decrease down time.
  • Extend system lift time (25-40 years).
  • Reduce cost of O&M (AED/MW/year).
  • Ensure safety and reduce risk.
  • O&M Activities