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Digital multimeter

This multimeter offers all the measurement capabilities of a versatile multimeter: convincing technology with all voltage, resistance, current and temperature measuring ranges, and many other measurement with automatic functions. Digital multimeter with bar chart display for real-time AC testing. Automatic jack disable (ABS) - prevents incorrect connection of measuring leads with safety rating of CAT III 600V.




Digital multimeter
is now available for rental throughout UAE.

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On demand testing equipment rentals

Our on-time delivery of equipment ensured to meet the testing requirements that are scheduled at project sites. We offer transportation for delivery & collection of equipment to all over UAE. For overnight and immediate requirements can be fulfilled with the support of client's logistics arrangement.

On site assistance and support

Our qualified testing engineer conducts testing activities with detailed report of analysis through safe and proper operation of the equipment. Standard format of test reports as recognised by respective governing authorities will be submitted on successful completion of testing activities.